In accordance with the  Rulebook on toll collection system on motorways, highways and facilities with charge in FB&H, the toll on A1 motorway is charged based on the distance between the two toll stations and on the basis of the belonging class of the vehicle.

The toll is paid at the outgoing pay stations and can be paid in cash, cards with a visible sign indicating that they are an acceptable means of payment and the means of subscription.

Toll can also be paid in foreign currency EUR. Refund is done in domestic currency using the defined exchange rate.

The toll collection system on the FB&H motorways can be organized as a closed or open collection system.

The user of the highway, highway or road facilities in a closed toll collection system, in terms of functionality, distinguishes between the incoming and outgoing toll stations.

In an open charging system, the pay-dial cell is both input and output at the same time.

In a closed toll collection system, the user takes a magnetic charge card at the entrance of the highway, and the same is handed over to the cashier at the exit of the toll to the toll collector, on the basis of which the toll is charged in accordance with the length of the used vehicle section and class.

The user pays PENALITY RATE OF THE ROAD in the amount of twice the toll for the longest route and the appropriate group of vehicles if:
1. it comes to the exit free place without a transit medium or transit media,
2. the exit payload comes with a record on a transit medium that is older than 14 hours, and there is no evidence of the reason for the detention on the motorway section,
3. does not use the data from the transit medium at which the entrance to that section of the motorway has been received at the exit point of rental,
4. The toll station comes with a magnetic credit card without a record, which can not be identified (blank card),
5. He went to the toll station where he entered, regardless of the relation between the use of the motorway or the highway, if more than 15 minutes have elapsed since the time of entry to the time of departure.

ACC Service users comply with the General Terms of Use of the ACC service and use the specific input / output bars provided for this toll payment method.



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