The length of the subsection LOT 3B is 1,44 kilometres and the work is performed a domestic company
Euro-Asfalt d.o.o. Sarajevo.
The value of the contract is 23 283,000 BAM with VAT and is financed from its own funds of PI
Autoceste FBiH.

At this subsection will be built two viaducts.
The deadline for the construction is 14 months from the day of introduction the contractor into business.
LOT 3B is constructed as the city road with two traffic lanes (driving and overtaking lanes) for each
direction of movement.
Route LOT 3B is the connection of the interchange Vlakovo with the interchange on the Mostar
intersection to the main road M-17/M-5.

With the construction of LOT 3B will be enabled a better traffic connectivity of the motorway on
Corridor Vc with the network of traffic roads of the lower rank, main and local roads. More specifically,
it will be enabled a direct connection for the vehicles that towards the interchange Vlakovo on the
motorway come from the roundabout on the Mostar intersection, that is from the direction of Kiseljak,
Rakovice, Pazarić and Hadžići.