The policy of quality and environmental protection of PC Motorways FB&H ltd. is based on modern market oriented principles, in order to meet the expressed needs for the transport of people and goods in a safe, fast and reliable way. The construction, management and maintenance of modern road infrastructure, respecting the highest environmental requirements, as the mission of the company, lies in the basis of the previous and future success of PC Motorways FB&H ltd.

Being aware of the position of one of the largest businessmen in B&H, we are determined to achieve the simultaneous realization of further economic development and responsible and effective environmental protection, which we believe are inextricably linked.

To become part of modern road infrastructure in the wider area, which would enable long-term and stable growth in the use of our services, the vision of the company? Quality construction of highways and highways, environmental protection, as well as maintenance and management of the same, is a need to properly and adequately respond to the requirements of the users of the PC Motorways FB&H ltd.service. Quality management and environmental protection has become a recognizable sign of the company that devotes particular attention to the quality of its products and / or services, which in its business uses the most modern business trends in the world.

We pay special attention to:

  • Preferring the selection of contractors (suppliers) of works that are ecologically aware in compliance with all environmental protection regulations and procedures,
  • Control of products (services), which guarantees the fulfillment of contractual and legal obligations,
  • Supervision is the key competence of workers and management in terms of quality management and environmental protection,

Monitoring the process of work and the integrated quality and environmental management system (IMS) in order to ensure the highest efficiency and business improvement as well as the preservation of natural resources and energy through their rational use.

In order to satisfy the needs of the users of our services and continuous improvement of the process, the management of PC Motorways FB&H determined to constantly work on training and education of personnel in order to achieve excellence in meeting all the needs and requirements of the users of services.

The long-term satisfaction of the users of our services will be achieved with the motto:

We are building to connect!



CIPS Corporate Certifikat Primary Award

Certificate for Management System ISO 9001:2015

Certificate for Management System ISO 14001:2015 


Medakovo – Poprikuše

Documents for download:

Application for issuance (extension) of the environmental permit for the project “Motorway on corridor vc, lot 2 section Doboj south (Karuše) – Sarajevo south (Tarčin)

Environmental permit LOT 2

Appendix 1

Appendix 2

Appendix 3

Appendix 4

Appendix 5

Appendix 6

Appendix 7

Appendix 8

Environment protection and monitoring

The construction of each facility, and thus the motorway, affects the environment, however, it is necessary, at all stages of construction, to continue to take account of the period of exploitation and to take the necessary measures to minimize negative impacts and to be below the prescribed limit values.

In the initial phase of development of project documentation, the development of the Environmental Impact Assessment should analyze the areas through which the motorway construction is planned. In order to prevent and / or mitigate the direct and indirect negative impacts of the project on the environment, basic data are provided for:

  • areas of a corridor that the highway route must avoid due to their exceptional value or sensitivity (protected natural and cultural values, valuable forest and agricultural land, water supply, etc.)
  • areas of the corridor through which the route can pass with the application of mitigation measures for negative environmental impacts.

The answer that should also be given already in the project documentation is to propose environmental protection measures that need to be implemented through the construction period and later exploitation.

The process of monitoring the impact on the environment should begin with the very beginning of construction and implementation.

Monitoring plan through three phases:

  1. Nut state monitoring (before commencement of works),
  2. Monitoring during the construction phase,
  3. Monitoring during exploitation of objects.

While the first and second phases are carried out over a relatively shorter period of time, the third phase is carried out longer, or during the entire period of exploitation. Upon completion of the construction of a particular section, the implementation of the Technical Review, with the issuance of the Required Permit, the authorized institutions shall prescribe the criteria to be met in the later period of exploitation. Through these criteria, the permissible limit values for individual pollution are prescribed, as well as the frequency and types of necessary testing and reporting for which the manager of the motorway, ie the PC Motorways FB&H, is responsible for the part of the highway on the Corridor Vc passing through the FB&H.

Throughout the exploitation period, according to the current regulations, the obligation of PC Motorways FB&H is to carry out control measures of quality, that is pollution of water, air, soil and noise level.

Great efforts and resources are entering water purification systems and noise protection. The water that is discharged from the surface of the basin of the basin through the closed drainage system before releasing into the environment passes through the purifiers. Regularly, according to the required frequency, water quality control is carried out after passing through the purifiers.

Changing the legal regulations and the permissible noise level values, on the shares that were built after 2012, and on the sections of the section that are passing in the vicinity of the settlements, there are also walls for protection against noise. For the shares built in previous years in the coming period, it will be necessary to additionally install walls for noise protection in places where the measurements themselves prove to be necessary.

It should be noted that 40 years ago the corridor was defined, on which the construction of the motorway from Sarajevo to Zenica was planned. However, after that, only the part, that is the main road M17, was built, and the upgrading to the full profile of the motorway is planned when the necessary conditions are met and the financial assets are secured. Since the construction of the motorway has begun since 2000, in the meantime, due to non-respect of urban conditions with the planned corridor, many existing settlements have been or have been expanded. As a consequence of this, today we have a situation that the motorway section from Sarajevo to Kakanj works well in the vicinity of settlements or practically through settlements, which greatly leaves the consequences and creates problems for maintaining the motorway itself.

The transport strategy of the EU 2050, adopted in 2011, aims to create a common European transport space in order to further integrate all modes of transport, and to reduce emissions of harmful gases by 60% by 2050.


Documents and Regulations:

Guide to Grievance Mechanism by the standards of International Financial Institutions

LOT 1 Environmental Impact Study 

LOT 2 Environmental Impact Study

LOT 2 NON-TECHNICAL SUMMARY Environmental Impact Study

LOT 3 Environmental Impact Study

LOT 3 NON-TECHNICAL SUMMARY Environmental Impact Study

LOT 4 Environmental Impact Study

The Environment Protection Act

The Road and Environment

The Summary of EIA

Environmental Impact Study- LOT 3

The Regulation on Waste Water Discharge

The Report on Monitoring of Quality and Quantity of Waste Water: Section Bilješevo – Jošanica

Biodiversity Assessment: Corridor Vc Project (LOT 2), Exit from Pečuj Tunnel – Entrance into Zenica Tunnel 

Environmental & Social Action Plan Route Donja Gračanica – Klopče and Svilaj – Odžak 

Non-Technical Summary 

Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Environmental & Social Action Plan

Non-Technical Summary

Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Environmental Permit for LOT 1

Environmental Permit for LOT 2

Environmental Permit for LOT 3

Environmental Permit for LOT 4