Shopping and complement ACC TAG device can be realized at all collection points

Price ACC device is 39 KM.

ACC device can supplement and buy in three ways: cash, wire transfer and bank card at all toll collection points from 00:00 to 24:00.

Yes. When each supplement users ACC achieve a bonus of 20% on the amount paid.

When entrance/exit from the highway, the user ACC services a possibility that the display on the ACC a toll inspect the current state of ACC loans. Also the user can check the status on the ACC account via SMS to the number 387 61488231 send a message with the keyword “ACC” and behind her PID (serial number TAG) or number that is engraved on the device below the barcode’s.

The user who accesses to the highway and there are not enough funds in the ACC TAG device for the use of the highway at the exit toll station will be charged penal tariffs, or longest distance on the highway for the corresponding category of vehicles

No. The device is only used for one vehicle. On the device to enter basic information about the user, registration number and class / category of vehicles.

ACC TAG is set to the self-adhesive carrier, which is centrally mounted on the front windshield of the vehicle from the inside. For vehicles with sloping windscreen, holder of ACC TAG device is placed in the rear-view mirror inside the vehicle, and in the case of a vehicle with a vertical windshield is placed centrally at the bottom of the windshield on the inside. The vehicles in the windshield with a transparent metalized UV radiation protection, the device is set to the location indicated in the rear-view mirror or on the lens hood (black sun protection) above the rearview mirror.

User ACC service is exclusively responsible for any physical damage to the ACC TAG-in, alienation, loss and the like. Physical damage, theft or loss ACC TAG user is required to register within three days. The user can purchase a replacement ACC TAG device at a price determined by a valid decision of the Federation Public Highways.

User pays penalty amount of toll in the amount of the toll for the longest relationship and the relevant class of vehicle.

In case of change of license plates on the vehicle transporting the unit to another vehicle, change vehicle category and the like. The user is required to submit the request of the ACC service, which can take on our website.

Disabled persons with 80% or more physical disability, or persons who have a physical disability that results in disability of lower limbs of 60% or more.

Making the decision to release the toll lasts 30 days, from the date of submission of documentation.

Yes. If disabled person is not on the driver seat, he/she must be in vehicle.