Surely in the tunnel

  • Web flyer “driving in a tunnel on the highway”: Download

Winter conditions

  • Inform yourself in a timely manner about the condition and passage of roads to drive and about weather conditions.
  • Prepare the vehicle for driving in accordance with applicable regulations that require the use of winter equipment on board while the winter conditions are in force. We recommend that you use winter tires (M + S) in the winter, and it is advisable to have additional equipment (snow chains, folding shovel, cables for starting the vehicle) in the vehicle.
  • Check the fluid in the vehicle (windscreen washer fluid, engine oil, antifreeze) and battery condition before starting the journey.
  • Adjust your speed and safety clearance with other vehicles in line with road conditions. Respect the variable light signaling set on all characteristic sections of the motorway.
  • While traveling in winter conditions, drive with increased caution, avoid overtaking, sudden braking and acceleration, and sudden changes in direction of movement.

Vehicle in the opposite direction

  • During inclusion in motorway driving, in all cases (rest areas, billing) be careful and follow the set traffic signalization.
  • Be aware of the possibilities of encountering a vehicle that is moving in the opposite direction, so it is advisable to check, in addition to checking the vehicles that are moving behind you, during the overrun, and the condition on the overpass in front of you.
  • If you receive the information (radio) about moving the vehicle in the opposite direction, in the section of the motorway you are on, lower the driving speed to 40 km / h, and with increased caution, continue driving on the right traffic lane without overtaking, with all four direction indicators on. Stop the vehicle at the first stop along the motorway and wait for the danger.
  • If you notice a vehicle moving in the opposite direction on the highway, immediately inform the police to the phone. Number 122 or call for info phone 080 02 03 06.
  • Continue driving on the highway after you get the information that the incident has ended.

Procedures in case of a traffic accident

  • Include all four direction indicators.
  • Move the vehicle to the far right of the carriageway.
  • Turn off the engine.
  • Inform the competent rescue service.
  • Whenever you leave the vehicle, use a reflective vest.
  • Secure the accident site with a safety triangle, if it has not already been done.
  • Help the injured people, within their knowledge and abilities.
  • Do not leave the scene until the arrival of the police.

Highway assistance

  • In the event of a malfunction on the vehicle, if there is no possibility of stopping in the parking lot along the motorway, stop the vehicle on the stop bar next to the rim of the pavement, preferably in the vicinity of the SOS phones that are placed on every 2 km of the motorway and include all 4 direction indicators.
  • After stopping, turn the steering wheel to the right and wrap the reflecting vest before exiting the vehicle and set the safety triangle to mark the stopped vehicle at a prescribed distance (the recommended distance is 100 meters on the motorway).
  • If there are passengers in the vehicle, they need to go out and stand behind a reflecting fence that will protect them in the event of an accident.
  • The driver will go to the SOS telephone and if he is not nearby, he will call the free info phone number of the Motorway to the number 080 02 03 06 and in both cases he will receive the control center from where he will be provided with the necessary assistance.