Contract on construction of motorway on Corridor Vc, section Poprikuše – Zenica sjever (Donja Gračanica), subsection Ponirak – Vraca was signed on 01 August 2019.

Euro-asfalt d.o.o. Sarajevo (BiH) is the Contractor.

Supervision of the works is performed by PROYAPI Engineering and Consulting INC. Balgat Ankara (Turkey).

The value of the Contract for construction of subsection Ponirak – Vraca is EUR 59,408,825.00, VAT excluded, and the funds were provided by the European Investment Bank (EIB) in the amount of 50 million Euros and grants from WBIF in the amount of 19 million Euros.

Support from WBIF is confirmation that Public Company Motorways of FBiH, in coordination with other institutions, works effectively to design applications, and all for the purpose of compliance with the high international standards in project management, in terms of security, environmental and social policies, it also implies better execution of the construction itself, and better standards in monitoring the execution of project activities.

Route of the motorway Ponirak – Vraca is the part of the section Poprikuše – Zenica sjever (Donja Gračanica), and on the north it is continued with the subsection Vranduk – Ponirak, and on the south with the subsection Tunnel Zenica – Donja Gračanica.


Subsection Ponirak – Vraca is 2.65 km long, and the most significant building on the subsection is the tunnel Zenica, of length 2475 m (left tube) and 2420 m (right tube).


The estimated construction time is 30 months.